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6 reasons why you should be using Web Stories



Tell your story

through Stories

Blend image and video with short and sweet copy, what do you get? A highly engaging narrative that gets read till the end.

Video Source: Josh Michaels


News time in no time

Share daily headlines and keep the long-form content at ease of reach. Deliver headlines to on-the-go users and help avid readers land on your website in seconds.

Grow affiliate revenue

Help your audience buy on mobile. Curate products, provide guidance to your audience and generate ancillary revenue streams using Stories.

Keep your head

in the game

Stay prompt and update your audience on the spot. Wrap your content up and deliver it to your readers on time.





Review shows and movies

Give your audience a taste of your favorite TV shows. Write your critic on that new box office hit. Review all visual media entertainment and keep your audience in the loop.

Image Source: Disney

Run polls and quizzes to explore your audience's knowledge and preferences. Keep your content interactive and your audience's input flowing.

Your audience is primarily on...

Your content,

your show

Reclaim ownership of your content in the format that made Instagram great. Keep Stories online for as long as YOU want and make them found on the web.

Capture your

audience till the end

Keep your audience engaged through your tutorials and recipes from the start until the very end.

Did someone say ads?

Monetize your content through ads or use Stories as Landing Pages. Opt for a mobile-optimized and experience record-breaking CTRs.

Video Source: Austen Paul